I grew up in Australia but I speak with a general Canadian / West Coast American accent in my daily life since moving to Vancouver in 2015.
I had always dreamed to be a voice actor since I was 8 and consequently, I often focus a lot on emotional delivery and accents in all the films, TV, and games that I consume. As a result, I am confidently versatile with accents. 

I am also Non-Binary (Androgyne) and am therefore also training to improve laryngeal manipulation in order to achieve a realistic female-ranged voice.

General American, Australian, British RP, American (Southern) British Cockney, Irish, Japanese Accented English

Acting Experience:
As "Yoshinosuke" in Yokohama Theatre Group - 2020 Winter Show "Peoney Lantern"
As a stand-in and in assisting direction for the Yokohama Theatre Group 2019 show "Antigone"
Unnotable appearance as an extra in a film festival film and a DVD release film.

Elective Drama class in High School including various performances at Sydney's Q Theatre and other venues

Theatre Acting Example

Emcee Example