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Welcome to the site of Hiro. I am a rock singer-songwriter and composer. 

I believe that music is more than entertainment, it has the power to fight injustice, stand up for the weak & change the world. 




Now Creating Music with ODS Band

Hiro Joined ODS band in January of 2022.
ODS Band performs covers of both English and JRock/Jpop/Anison Songs.
They will produce original music in the near future.

Their first video together is a cover of Tentaikansoku by BUMP OF CHICKEN.

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Credits now on the Materia Collective, Discogs, VGMDB sites

My artist info has been updated and included on the Materia Collective Website, Discogs, and the VideoGameMusicDatabase




Contributed to OMEGA: Tribute to Xenogears

Materia Collective creates amazing cover albums for famous video games with fresh and interesting arrangements. I had the honour of contributing to their 2018 album entitled "OMEGA: Tribute to Xenogears" on the track "Journey Through the Night Sky" co-written with…

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Composing for Re-Roll Podcast

I am currently the composer for a great podcast about Dungeons and Dragons called Re-Roll.
Find them here:
They talk about D&D and are currently dramatizing a game!
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Name Change

Hiro Akashi is now Arden Akihiro Akane Or Arden Aki for short.

Started Youtube

I started two Youtube channels:

No More Zeroes - which analyzes videogame stories and themes, appreciates the details of the artists behind the games, as well as looks at games in light of social issues.

ZeroToHiro - which…

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First Live performance

Akashi performed at Shibuya Bar Subterraneans on the 7th of September 2017 as one of three acts at the Yo-Ho Rocks event run by Flyjam Creative Agency.

Debut EP Coming Soon

I am currently preparing to release my Debut EP some time around December 2017.
Keep your eyes peeled for it and please sign up to the mailing list to keep notified!