Hi! I'm Hiro.

I'm primarily a freelance composer, vocalist, and producer,
but I have a passion for all things related to the arts and media.
In this way, I am always keen on projects involving:

Music (Composition, Vocals, Guitar, Arrangement, Lyrics, Recording, Production)
Filmmaking (Video Editing, Acting, Sound Design, Sound Mixing)

During my university years, I was heavily involved in the core planning team responsible for an annual concert in Sydney, Australia between 2010 and 2015. After acquiring a Bachelor of Music, I briefly pursued academic studies and moved to Vancouver, Canada before realizing all along that I wanted to devote the time instead to advance my music career. I then moved to Yokohama, Japan, where I worked on multiple composition projects for clients from Australia, Japan, Canada, and the United States. I was also heavily involved in Yokohama Theatre Group productions from 2019 to 2022. Apart from songwriting and vocals, I am primarily proficient in audio engineering and video editing.

I have recently moved back to Vancouver, Canada, hoping to develop my career in a more consistent and permanent role and my goal is to work in the Video Game / TV / Film industry in sound production whilst working on composition or production projects as well as acting and voice acting on the side. 

If you're interested in following me, connecting, or collaborating on a project,
my Instagram profile has the most regular updates.

Please Direct Message me there :)