Freelance Work Experience

Vocalist, R. Guitarist, Audio Engineer, Video Editor / ODS Band
January 2022 - March 2022
Vancouver, Canada

  • Yuuwaku by Glay - Vocals, R. Guitar, Video Editing
  • Paint by I Don't Like Mondays - Vocals, Audio Editing, Video Editing
  • Fire by Wada Kouji - Vocals, Audio Editing, Video Editing
  • Driver's High by L`arc~en~ciel - Vocals, Audio Editing, Video Editing
  • The Rumbling by SiM - Vocals, Audio Editing, Video Editing
  • Tentaikansoku by Bump of Chicken - Vocals, R. Guitar, Audio Editing, Video Editing

Composer, Actor / Yokohama Theatre Group
2019 - 2022
Kawasaki, Japan

  • Book Reports - Composer (Current Project)
  • (1 Original Track, Production)
  • Covid Cabaret - Emcee
  • 2019 Show: “Antigone” - Composer
  • (7 Original Tracks, 1 Arrangement, 1 Arrangement of a pre-existing song)
  • 2021 Winter Show - “Peony Lantern”, Actor (“Yoshinosuke”)
  • 2021 Summer Show - “The Upside”, Lead Sound Technician

Arrangement and Composition, Co-Producer / Materia Collective
2018 - 2019
Seattle, U.S.A.

  • OMEGA: A Tribute to Xenogears (2018), “Journey Through the Night Sky” Track Co-Producer/Arranger 
  • EPOCH: A Tribute to Chrono Trigger (2019), “Magus the Mystic” Track Producer/Arranger 
  • EPOCH: A Tribute to Chrono Trigger (2019), “You Are Not Alone” by Elizabeth Zharoff, Singer 

Songwriter / Foreshadow Films
Vancouver, Canada

  • Original Punk Track for chase sequence in short film: “Idols Never Die”

Voice Actor, Lyricist, Composer, Producer / Imaginary Machete Swinger
2018 - 2019
Tokyo, Japan

  • “Project O” Othello Art Installation in Hong Kong - for the deTour Creative Festival, for the theme “Trial And Error” in 2018. (Voice Acting for the character of Cassio, 5 Original Compositions for the character of Emilia)
  • Original Commissioned J-Rock Track for Artist: Yukirio, Co-written with Sogo Akiyoshi
  • Lyrics for Imaginary Machete Swinger Song “This is War” by Sogo Akiyoshi and Charlie Shikazaki

Composer, Producer / Reroll Podcast
Sydney, Australia

  • Dungeons and Dragons dramatized podcast (2 Compositions, 4 Arrangements)

Freelance Composer, Songwriter, Vocalist, Lyricist, Graphic Design, CD Manufacturing, Marketing / Self-Employed (EP Album)
Tokyo, Japan

  • Independent EP - Composer, Lyricist, Singer, Graphic Design, CD Manufacture, Promo Video Editing
    (4 Songs in different rock subgenres, 1 orchestral intro) 

Event Management Core Team / RICE
2010 - 2014
Sydney, Australia

  • Games Team Co-Ordinator (Outdoor Fete) 2010
  • Choir and Dance Team Co-Ordinator for RICE Rally (3500+ Attendance Annual Concert) 2011-2014



Excelsia College (Formerly Wesley Institute) / BMus (Vocals, Performance)
2009 - 2011, Sydney, Australia

Australian College of Theology (Christ College Campus) / BTh (Philosophy of Art)
2010 - 2014, Sydney, Australia

On the Mic Training (In Progress) / Diploma of Voice Over
2024 - Present, Vancouver, Canada



High Proficiency in: 
Studio One Professional, Melodyne, Logic Pro (And a wide variety of plugins)
Proficient in: 
Clip Studio Paint, Da Vinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, MS Office, Capture (Lighting)

Relevant Hobbies and Interests: 
Video Games (Cinematography, BGM, Acting, Scriptwriting, Voice Acting, Audio and Video Editing)
Documentaries and Video Essays (Educational Emceeing, Video Editing) 
Guitar Pedal Building (Electronics and Repair)

Languages Spoken: English, Japanese, Cantonese