Past Project Highlights

Materia Collective:
OMEGA: A Tribute to Xenogears
"Journey Through the Night Sky"

Arden co-arranged and produced this track in Materia Collective's 2018 album "OMEGA" with Kevin Won.
Arden wrote under the alternative artist name Akihiro Akane.


Idols Never Die
Short film by Foreshadow Films
Directed by Jerome Yoo
Arden composed a short punk track for the film.

Current and Ongoing Projects

Re-Roll Podcast:

Arden Aki is currently the composer for the Re-Roll Podcast - a Podcast for fans of Dungeons & Dragons, new players and veterans alike! Join them as they dramatize their character interactions inside the world of Titan's Rift.

Follow and Subscribe to them through their website at:

Or on Twitter at @_withadvantage

Past Projects Miscellaneous

Project O:

Arden Aki teamed up with Imaginary Machete Swinger - an artist collective based in both Tokyo and Hong Kong, to create an art installation conveying the theme of "Trial and Error". It premiered at PMQ in Central Hong Kong during the 1st to 9th of December 2018. The installation consisted of a cylindrical booth in which visitors enter, taking on the role of Othello in an attempt to discern the innocence or guilt of Desdemona for the charge of infidelity. Visitors could walk around the booth and relative to the position on which they stood, they were able to hear different music and voices delivering key lines from Shakespeare's Othello. In this way, IMS created a judicial trial influenced by Iago's manipulation and consequently the error of Othello's judgement - through the act of "trial and error" in testing out standpoints within the artwork.

Arden Aki, Jason Yap, and Charlie Shikazaki conceived of the idea.

Music and voice acting was provided by a variety of members from IMS, with Arden Aki composing half of Emilia's music, and acting as the voice of Cassio.

The IMS website can be found at: